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  • Hinged Non Welded Bow Spring Centralizer

    SledgeHammer's Non Welded Bow Spring Centralizers are made under state of art Engineering Techniques and rugged quality system. They are developed to exceed API 10D specification for used under most demanding condition.

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  • Reamer Shoe Single/Double Valve -SH18-RS

    SledgeHammer's Reamer Shoe is designed with blade cutting structure and diamond shaped faces which ensures safe passage of casing and liners thus facilitating rotating and reciprocating applications.

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  • Zinc Spiral Vane Solid Rigid Centralizer

    We fabricate Zinc Spiral Vane Solid Rigid Centralizer are designed from our experts and provides efficient functionality. These are checked on a regular basis and that are used in different industrial applications.

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  • Cementing Plug Rotating

    Sledge Hammer Cementing plugs are manufactured of graded rubber that is fused upon a composite or Aluminum core. This top plug can be used when dual plug system is not required and Bottom cementing plug can use when dual plug system is required.

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Our Products

Mechanical Stage Cementing Tools-SH30

SledgeHammer's Mechanical Stage tool allows cementing of casing string in two stages. These tool set the standard for reliability, cost effectiveness and quality.

Thermoplastic Spiral Vane Solid Rigid Centralizer -DPS02

These Thermoplastic Polymer centralizer is designed to reduce drag and friction down hole it have lower friction factors, ultimate drag .

Slip on Welded Single Piece Bow Spring Sledge Chakra -SH03-C

SledgeHammer's Slip on Welded Single Piece Bow Spring Sledge Chakra is mad one piece welded at one side.

Cement Retainer-SH41

Sledgehammer oil tools developed the bridge plug and cement retainer with their accessories. This tool is used for isolation of wellbore.

Bridge Plug-SH40

Sledgehammer oil tools developed the bridge plug and cement retainer with their accessories. This tool is used for isolation of wellbore.

Float Shoe Single/Double Valve - SH18-FS

The SledgeHammer Float shoe supplied with plunger valve in most of the application. This design ensure positive sealing in vertical,

Sledge Hammer: Manufacturer of Quality Cementing Tool

Bow Spring Centralizer, Centralizers, Cementing Products, Steel Castings, Stop Collars.

Sledge Hammer is one of the leading centralizer manufacturers and API & ISO certified 14001, 18001 and, 9001 certified company known for its quality cementing products. Presently, it enjoys the reputation for being the largest manufacturer of cementing products and suppliers of offshore and onshore cementing and float apparatus in the entire Asia. This makes it the only source for quality and original equipment.

From last three decades, Sledge Hammer Tools offers an array of quality oil well products to various industries. It continues to improve its quality, service and product designing techniques. All these make it a leading company that manufactures various kinds of cementing work at some of the best prices of the industry. Some of the products manufactured by the company are Spring Centralizers, Cementing Products, Stop Collars, Casing Hardware and Steel Castings etc.

Sledge Hammer is a pioneer in production and designing of innovative cementing products. The company’s pursuit for perfection has helped it to gain a sizeable global footprint. Due to this it has penetrated into distant and diverse markets. This has been able to create niche market for itself in this highly competitive world. It initiated as a small unit and has soon spread its manufacturing unit which has progressed and developed into an experienced company.

In future years, Sledge Hammer intends to take on fabrication and assembling of comprehensive range of casing accessories. As a casing manufacturer, it also provides solutions for diverse clientele with a wide range of production ranging from 27/8” to 30” size. The expansion of the company has been widespread in recent years. A new addition to its success story is the addition in its production facilities which have established a new joint venture in places like Malaysia and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with an aim to tap the markets of South East Asia and the Gulf Region.


Latest News

Visit us at ‘SPEATCE' - Hall No-6, Stand No-6095, Dubai UAE.

Visit us at ‘ADIPEC 2016’- Hall No-13, Booth No-13015, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

SledgeHammer proudly announce to open his New office in Houston Texsas. “SledgeHammer Americas Inc.”

Newly added Business Development manager Mr. Rogy James Pang in Malayasia. SledgeHammer plans to capture Asia pacific in 2015-16.

Team for Africa is been announced for upcoming drilling programs in East & West Africa. This will help SledgeHammer in becoming major global manufacturer in casing accessories market.

Success in MIOGE 2015, SledgeHammer representative in Moscow incorporated with major giants in Russia. Russian companies believe that our cementing hardware will make their operations much smoother.

More RFQs from CIS market, Management hope that drop in oil price might make positive turn around for company market shares in CIS.

SledgeHammer now holds global vendor contract for three years with Baker Hughes & Schlumberger.

SledgeHammer launches Bridge plug , Cement retainer, Cementing head and Stage cementing tool that smoothing operations for completion.

API Q1, API-10D & API-5CT sets our bars even higher.

Vendors approvals in Iraq, Nigeria, Kenya, UAE & Russia. A SledgeHammer product reaches 62 countries across the globe.

SledgeHammer Foundation organized Blood Donation Camp on 10th July 2015 in India. More than 100 donors came to help this cause.

SledgeHammer Foundation celebrated Children Day by creating drawing competition in own facility.

Member of boards approved new human resource policy, Employees would be benefitted in Free Meals, Transportations, insurance and medical benefits

Looking forward for Annual Day on 1st Oct.

SledgeHammer won corporate cricket tournament in Nahar Singh Stadium.

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