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Bow Spring Centralizer

Slip on Welded Single Piece Bow Spring Sledge Chakra -SH03-C
Available in 4 1/2" to 20 "sizes

Sledge Chakra

SledgeHammer's Slip on Welded Single Piece Bow Spring Sledge Chakra is made one piece welded at one side. Premium quality Bows have high restoring force uniform hardness all over. Slip on centralizers are provided for direct installation pipe by slipping on. It has High tensile strength, high shock absorption value and impact value.


In welded centralizers, welding can never be as smooth as the single piece centralizer. Welding always be little overlapped or little exposed which cause friction to fluid while running in the hole but single piece centralizer have smooth corner radius which allow better fluid by pass and have low friction.


This centralizer undergoes a special Iron Phosphate coating process to prevent it from rust and coated with special Polyester Powder. It is shipped in assembled condition only. These are available in all sizes ranging from 4½" to 20". Any special sizes or combination can available on request.

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