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Dopes & Compounds

API Modified Thread Compound can withstand pressure up to 69,000 kPa or 10,000 psi. It does not harden to dry due to its lubricating characteristics to reduce any kind of friction which is used in the makeup of tubing, casing, preventing galling and wear. It provides maximum thread engagement and optimum leakage resistance.

API Modified High Pressure Thread Compound -SH LUB-A

High Pressure Thread Compound

The API Modified High Pressure Thread Compounds conform to or exceed the demand of API RP 5A3. They also contain the rust and oxidation inhibitors that are mixed in the Sledge Lube’s unique grease. It is compounded from custom refined low sulphur oil to ensure brushability to avoid all kinds of temperature range, tenacious attachment in all kinds of surfaces, resistance to water wash and, prevents rust and corrosion.



Sledge Lok ll Thread Lock -SH LOK-A

Thread Lock

Sledge Lok is the next generation cementing product in the thread compound technology and design. Just like the oil filled pipe materials and connections are masterminded as per the specific application and field services requirement. The thread compounds must be formed to meet the vital execution requirement.